Despite the flood of “idol dance groups”, there are only a few girl groups whose members have distinctive individual colors like 2NE1: Charismatic leader CL, unique vocal BOM, cutie DARA, and natural-born dancer MINZY.

In this fifth year from their debut, 2NE1 tried a transformation through their new single “MISSING YOU”, where 2NE1 members present a combination of their intense colors with new feminine appeal. We are analyzing every detail of 2NE1, a girl group recognized for maximum exhibition of each member’s natural appeals, in terms of their music, dance, fashion, physiognomy, and figure.

[스타캐스트] 스타 해부학 2NE1

# Music & Vocal – Female musicians’ leap forward in changing times of the 2000s

General: Center of girl groups with a focus on women & Differentiated strategy based on each member’s individuality

– Cho Hong Gyung, Head of VoiceFact (Vocal master for JTBC channel’s ‘Hidden Singer’)

2NE1 debuted…

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